Thursday, June 27, 2013

Getting ready for a Minion Birthday Party!

Craft Stick Minions

Aren't we cute!

Quick and Easy Minions

  •  Large craft sticks
  • Yellow marker (I used a highlighter)
  • Black marker
  • Blue paper (You could also use a marker, but the paper seemed simpler since I didn't need to draw a straight line!)
  • Goggly eye
  • Glue (I used Elmer's school glue because that's what I had handy!)
  • Optional:  paper scraps for embellishment
Color about an inch of one end of the craft stick with the marker.  Cut a blue rectangle and glue on the "overalls".  Draw a black stripe for the goggle band and glue an eye (or two) on it.  Draw on the mouth and hair with the black marker.  That's it! 

I did make one mouth with black paper and white paper teeth.  And I added "O" to the overalls because these are Olivia's Minions!

Water Bottle Minions

  • $1.49 Yellow plastic water bottle from Michael's 
  • $1.00 Blue microfiber cloth from the hardware/automotive section at Dollar Tree
  • $1.00 Swim goggles from Dollar Tree (two pair)
  • Black permanent marker
  • Glue
These were assembled by a nine-year-old!

We cut the microfiber into four strips.  She wrapped them around the bottles and glued only the fabric so that they can come off for washing.

I took the goggles apart and cut the strap into two pieces.  I glued one side of the strap and left the other side held on with the clip that was intended for that purpose.  The goggles can be removed for washing the bottle.

She glued an eye to the goggle, drew one mouths and "G" for Gru, and wrote each friends name on the lid.

 We made Ba-na-na Splits (Minion-sized using 1 cup glass bowls and a small cookie dough scoop!)
 Candy-dipped spoons & Cheese doodles to go with our hot dogs.
Dave the pinata from Wal-Mart!

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